Consider how much you make per hour at your job. Take that number and multiply it by the number of hours you spend each month cleaning your pool. Don’t forget to include the time it takes for trips to the pool store. Now take that number and add an average cost of $35 or more for the necessary supplies you’ll buy – chorine, acid and more.

That’s how much it costs, at a minimum, for you to maintain your own pool every month. Plus, you have to store the supplies.

Now compare that to turnkey, expert pool service from Tidy Pools for a flat cost of only $95*, leaving nothing for you to do yourself except sit back, relax and enjoy your swimming pool!

This is our business. A competent pool professional can perform the same service that takes the average homeowner hours each month in just a fraction of the time – and spot any potential issues and correct them before they become problems. So it really comes down to how you want to spend your free time. You didn’t get a pool to clean it; you got a swimming pool so you could enjoy it. So enjoy having fun in the sun, and leave the cleaning and maintenance to Tidy Pools!